An attic with insulation being installed in Maine.

Does My Maine Attic or Basement Need A Vapor Barrier?

As a homeowner in Maine, it's essential to ensure your property is adequately protected from the region's unique climate challenges. One crucial aspect of maintaining a secure and comfortable home is understanding...
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a room just below the roof covered by insulation in Maine

7 Reasons Why Hybrid Insulation Is The Best Solution For Your Maine Home

Insulation plays a pivotal role in keeping your Maine home comfortable and energy-efficient. Our state's ever-changing climate, characterized by harsh winters and humid summers, demands effective insulation that can withstand the challenge. ...
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What Is Hybrid Insulation? Exploring the Benefits of Hybrid Insulation Systems for Maine Homeowners

As a homeowner in Maine, you’re well aware of the importance of efficient insulation to combat the challenges of changing seasons: harsh winters and hot summers. Maintaining an optimal indoor environment, while...
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Man worker spraying insulation foam on the ceiling in Maine

Is Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation Good For Soundproofing?

As a homeowner, having a quiet home amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life is a priority. Whether you live in a busy street or a noisy neighborhood, controlling sound intrusion...
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Everything You Need To Know About Blower Door Testing

As a homeowner in Maine, ensuring your home is energy-efficient is essential, especially during the colder months. If you're looking for a simple and effective way to achieve this, consider a blower...
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DIY foam insulation in Maine

Can You DIY Spray Foam Insulation?

It’s no secret that proper insulation is essential to maintaining a comfortable living space and reducing energy costs. With that in mind, many Maine homeowners wonder whether spray foam insulation is a...
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female insulation contractor in Maine

The Top 7 Questions To Ask Your Insulation Contractor

Are you in need of reliable insulation contractors to keep your home warm during cold winter months?  Finding the right contractor can be stressful, but asking the right questions can make the...
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ceiling and wall covered by insulation in Maine

Can Your Home Have Too Much Insulation?

Maine residents want energy-efficient and comfortable homes, but is it reasonable to have too much insulation? Insulation is vital for regulating temperature, especially during summer and winter, but knowing the right amount...
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A room in Maine with scaffolding in the middle of it.

The Pros & Cons of Spray Foam Insulation

Are you a Maine resident considering investing in insulation for your home? If so, spray foam insulation may be the perfect solution. It's lighter than traditional insulation materials and provides superior thermal...
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