Maximize Your Radiant Floor’s Efficiency

Tired of your radiantly heated floors losing heat and driving up energy bills? Without proper insulation, heat can escape, leaving you uncomfortable and wasting energy. 

But worry not — our team at Seal It Insulation has the perfect solution to enhance your radiant floor system's performance. Our innovative combination of spray foam and radiant shield material takes your radiant heating system to the next level. 

By creating an air space and applying our specially-engineered foam, we ensure that heat is directed upwards into your living space, where it belongs. No more wasted energy. No more chilly floors.

What are the Benefits of Radiant Floor Insulation?

By implementing insulation with your radiant floor, you'll enjoy consistent warmth — even during the coldest winters! Plus:

  • Increased Heating Efficiency: By minimizing heat loss through the floor, insulation allows the radiant heat to be distributed more effectively, ensuring that more warmth is retained within the living space. This means that your heating system doesn't have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, resulting in improved energy efficiency.
  • Energy Cost Savings: As insulation acts as a barrier that prevents heat from escaping downwards into the ground, this means that the heat generated by your radiant heating system is more efficiently utilized to warm the living space, reducing the need for excessive heating. As a result, you'll see a reduction in your energy consumption and lower utility bills.

  • Improved Protection Against Drafts & Heat Loss: Radiant floor insulation forms a barrier that prevents cold air from infiltrating your home through the floor. It also helps to minimize heat transfer to the ground, ensuring that the heat produced by your radiant heating system is effectively utilized within the living spaces.

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Experience Comfort & Efficiency with Radiant Floor Installation

Whether you have radiant heating tubes placed under the floor or a radiant heat slab, we tailor our insulation services to suit your specific needs. Don't let winter catch you off guard; take control of your indoor climate with our high-quality solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about how our insulation can transform your radiant floor heating system and keep your Maine home cozy all winter long.

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