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Radiant Floor Insulation

The combination of spray foam, and in some cases radiant shield material, will drastically increase the performance of a radiantly heated flooring system. When radiant heating tubes are placed under the floor, a foil radiant shield material is attached to the joists below the tubes, thus creating an air space. By installing 2″-3″ of open cell spray foam to the bottom of the foil, efficiencies of the radiant system are typically increased several times over because heat is driven upward into the living space as opposed to being allowed to drift down to the cavity below (and who wants their heat leaking out when they need it the most). For above-floor radiant heating systems (i.e. tubes w/a concrete slab) we will install the foam directly to the bottom of the sub-floor. In each case, we engineer our Seal It Spray Foam Insulation system specifically to maximize the energy efficiency of your home or business. Give us a call today and we can talk more about what spray foam can do for you!

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