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Why Spray Foam Insulation?

We could give you the short-answer and tell you that spray in foam is simply the best, but chances are, you want to know why:

Spray foam insulation offers fool-proof insulating versatility and flexibility to architects, commercial builders and homeowners that simply is not available with conventional insulation systems such as cellulose or fiberglass. Spray foam insulation expands 120 times it’s liquid volume, while closed cell insulation expands just 8 to 10 times it’s liquid volume. When it comes to sealing every crack and crevice that's losing you money, that’s a major difference. Spray foam densities are typically 0.5 lbs and 2 lbs per cubic foot. The rapid expansion of spray foam ensures that it reaches and fully insulates all of the various trouble spots within your insulation project, whether they’re large, small, near, far or in-between.  Our installation approach ultimately results in a rock-solid air barrier that:

  • Stops the dreaded “convective loop” issue
  • Eliminates air infiltration (i.e. the cold Maine winter air leaking in)
  • Prevents heat loss in winter (resulting in significant energy savings)
  • Dramatically limits your structure’s ability to absorb unwanted heat in the summer
  • Acts as a barrier to air-borne water vapor (We all know that unwelcome water is every homeowners worst enemy)
  • Prevents condensation from forming where you can’t see it (e.g. within your walls and roof)

The flexibility of spray foam insulation is invaluable when insulating complex roofing system, especially one that simply cannot be effectively insulated with fiberglass or cellulose. One of the major advantages with foam is that it will not sag or settle over time and maintains its insulation properties, even in the event of exposure to moisture (like an unexpected a roof leak). Thermal envelope design eliminates the need for roof venting in all cases of roof area insulation. Thermal envelope design effectively allows the reduction of size when choosing heating, cooling, and ventilating equipment. This directly translates into savings in equipment costs and long term operating costs for our customers.

Not convinced? Read Our Customer Reviews and check out Our Google Reviews, and you'll find we’re one of the best insulation companies in Maine. It's our guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

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